What Is Foreign Exchange? – FAQ

The FX market – also known as foreign exchange market – is the world’s most traded market, with turnover typically in excess of $5 trillion per day according to the Bank for International Settlements. To put this into perspective, the U. S. share market trades around $257 billion a day; quite a substantial sum, but … Continue reading What Is Foreign Exchange? – FAQ

Your Guide to Investing in FX Online

Exchange rates fluctuate against each other at all times of the day (and night), offering plenty of trading opportunities day-to-day. Trading Currencies Unlike most financial markets, the OTC (over-the-counter) FX market has no physical location or central exchange and trades 24-hours a day through a world-wide network of enterprises, banks and individuals. This means that … Continue reading Your Guide to Investing in FX Online

What Is A Contract For Difference? In Layman’s Terms

Cfds (contracts for difference) are specialised and popular Over The Counter (OTC) financial derivative products which permit you to invest on the price direction of financial assets such as currencies, shares, indices and futures. Contracts for difference permit clients to invest freely without genuinely owning the underlying asset or acquiring any rights or obligations in … Continue reading What Is A Contract For Difference? In Layman’s Terms